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Paf Game Show is a live quiz app. Answer the trivia questions correctly to win real prizes including free spins. The questions start easy then get harder. Have you got what it takes to be one of the winners?

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The Paf Quiz Show is every Monday at 13:00 EET, Wednesday and Friday at 19.30 EET

  • It is free to download the app. You must be at least 18-years-old to collect your winnings.
  • Winners are notified in the Paf Game Show app. Any Paf Game Show winnings must be redeemed before 23.59 the same night.
  • If you are not already a customer you must register at Paf before redeeming your winnings.
  • Money/free spins won in the Paf Game Show is valid for 24 hours once claimed/activated.
  • The minimum operating system requirements are iOS 9 or Android 5.0.
  • If you answer wrong before Question 8 you can continue playing by using your extra life.
  • Open the App and log in at least one minute before the quiz begins. Otherwise you may only be able to access the quiz as a spectator.
  • Each prize is available in your Paf gaming account a few minutes after it is redeemed.
  • The Paf Game Show chat is a safe space. Players who use inappropriate, offensive or obscene language may be temporarily or permanently blocked.
  • Answer consecutive questions correctly in order to win prizes. If you miss a question you won't be able to continue answering but you can continue watching as a spectator.
  • If you have a Paf account that is locked for any reason you will not be able to claim a prize.

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