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Set your limits

We offer a range of helpful tools and services. Make sustainable gaming decisions by setting your personal limits.

Stake Limits

Control your spending with these options:

Single Bet Limit: Set a maximum amount per bet.
Total Bet Limit: Set a maximum total amount for all bets.

Deposit Limit

Regulate how much you can deposit into your gaming account.

Gaming Freeze

A tool for shorter timeouts from one or more of the gaming categories.


If you want to take a break you can choose to do that from your profile. We offer you the following exclusion periods on the site:

- 24 hours
- 1 week
- 2 weeks
- 3 weeks
- 4 weeks
- 6 weeks
- 6 months

For longer breaks you can contact our customer support.
We also recommend you to block yourself by registering on the Latvian national exclusion registry.

Gaming Reminder

Activate gaming reminders to receive relevant responsible gaming messages while you play.

Gaming Summary

Your Gaming Summary shows how much you have won and lost.

Set your limits